BUPSHMUP (build-em-up shoot-em-up) is a game currently in development and in stable alpha. Create your own custom shoot-em-up waves to play and share.

  • Choose the enemies and how they will attack
  • Choose the path they’ll take or create your own paths
  • Power-up system: choose which power-ups will be released
  • Modify tons of parameters: where the enemy will fire, how often, how many in the wave, how fast they’ll go, etc, etc
  • Arrange each wave as you like – tie them together to come in at once, or set their arrival time precisely

Alpha 0.21 release
BUGFIX: When loading wave, tie is not taken into account when showing the delay box
BUGFIX: Tied wave entry time calculation incorrect

Alpha 0.2 release
MAJOR FEATURE UPDATE: Allow creation of custom paths
FEATURE UPDATE: Allow waves to be tied i.e. start at same time
FEATURE UPDATE: Allow merging of previously saved levels into current level
Added 3 new paths
Button to allow setting of UFO stop position by using mouse pointer
Specific powerups for each wave can now be selected
Path preview added (series of moving dots)
Offset x position now float value to allow more exact placement
Wave delay now a float value for extra precision
Existing waves now editable (deletion/replacement no longer required)
Help text for many options
Updated shoot sound
Updated small explosion sound
Added some speech samples
Updated laser shot / new muzzle effect
Updated main menu UI
Updated editor layout to help accommodate changes
Added bars to display speed and shoot rate
Hide mouse pointer during normal gameplay
Other minor main game UI updates
BUGFIX: Delay values not being saved
BUGFIX: 1st enemy of wave entering after spacing time instead of immediately
BUGFIX: Multiple enemies with X Spreads come into play progressively too far to right
BUGFIX: Spacing of zero was possible
BUGFIX: Default button / keyboard navigation issues
BUGFIX: Copying data from a path wave sometimes gives inaccurate offset position if range incompatible with currently selected path