This is me

I’m a Salesforce developer by day, and in the evenings and at the weekends, I’m a song writer and game developer.

I'm a songwriter

Guitar, piano and keyboard are my tools of choice for song writing and recording. On the tech side, I use Cakewalk, Maschine, Native Instruments Komplete, Omnisphere, BIAS FX, Pianoteq and many more VSTs. Check out my songs on the Music page.

I'm a game developer

Xeno 2002 (freeware remake of Xeno) is what I’m best known for. I was also featured on Retro Gamer magazine for Tanks Online and produced speech effects for Nenad’s Counterclockwise which won an award for best sound in a competition. Check the Game Dev page for the latest on what I’m doing in this sphere.

I'm a Salesforce developer

I’ve been working with Salesforce applications for over 11 years for a big company. It’s rewarding and I love the people I work with, so I’m not currently looking for a move elsewhere but do reach out via one of the social meeds links if you want to discuss anything SF related.