I recently presented a short demonstration of my method of solving the Rubik’s Cube at the end of lunch time in work to a number of people. The quality of video conferences is a little sketchy, so I’ve created a short video for anyone interested to enjoy. Feel free to leave a comment!

 And below is a quick summary of what I cover.


  • You can do basic manipulations
  • You understand the 3 move / 4 move methods of moving a corner piece into place

My steps (you can do your own thing once you understand the concepts):

  1. Put the corner pieces of first side into place
  2. Put the corner pieces of the opposite side into place
  3. Rotate the corner pieces of the opposite side correctly
  4. Complete 3 edges of one side
  5. Use the remaining edge of that side to complete the other side
  6. Get all the unsolved edges into place
  7. Flip the 2 remaining edges if necessary

Doing one thing followed by the opposite is a cornerstone of cube solving; this allows you to create your own algorithms. Write down your moves so you know what the opposite is; it will become automatic quickly.

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