Hi, I'm that guy there

… and this is my website. It contains my song recordings, details of ongoing game development and other miscellaneous stuff. Enjoy your stay, and feel free to get in touch via social media or my blog posts.

Last update: 28 Sep 2020


I’m working on a Glasgow City scenery pack for the new Flight Simulator game from Microsoft. Get it here!
(latest update: 28 September)

I created a video about how I solve the Rubik’s Cube. Check it out on my blog.

When a virtual virus is on the loose, you’ll want to see how far it spreads. Read more and download the app (Windows only) in my blog post.

My new game is now in open alpha with some big, new enhancements. Check it out in the Game Dev section.

I’ve written my first blog post. If you’re interested in Salesforce, check it out here.