Highway Encounter - The Remake

Version 1.11 : FREEWARE

Originally created for the RetroRemakes 2006 competition, this game is a remake of the hugely popular Highway Encounter. This version has a more analogue feel to it, with the ability to turn in any direction (rather than the original's eight). There are also a bunch of other enhancements, such as a level editor and alternative textures. The version 1.11 update addresses some issues raised by the nice inhabitants of RetroRemakes, so a big thank you to everyone there for both the advice and the encouragement.

Download now! (9.19 MB)

Instructions: Download and unzip into your games folder (a "Highway Encounter" subfolder will be made for you so you don't get cluttered up), then run the highwayencounter.exe file.

To upgrade from version 1.1 to 1.11, which contains a quick 'n' dirty fix to get rid of erroneous vorton deaths, you can download just the exe file rather than the full whack. Download this zip file, then extract the exe file within and overwrite the old highwayencounter.exe file.

Minimum requirements: MS Windows with DX7 or higher, 3D card, 1GHz processor